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4 April 10:30 - 12:00Sweden Demo Day

Female Founder Forum

We, the SUP46 FemTech team in cooperation with Wellstreet,  will be running a side event at Sweden Demo Day celebrating some of Sweden's most inspiring women who have established themselves in our thriving tech scene. 

Through our survey launched before our last SUP46 #femtechse event, you shared with us what you thought were the main barriers to women in tech, and we've listened. 

47% of you thought that the general perception that women cannot "do" tech, as well as the lack of high profile female role models in the tech industry, are significant barriers to seeing more women enter the industry.

71% thought that making women in tech more visible would significantly help affect change.

We will have an all-women panel with a mix of tech founders, developers and investors, and will invite them to share their experiences and journeys throughout their education and careers,  and find out what it takes to make it in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by men. 

You will, of course, have the opportunity to ask questions, get some advice and address your challenges with the members of our brilliant panel. You can learn more about them by reading their short bios below in the 'Speakers' section.

Panel Power:
Katja Bergman
, co-founder and partner at Brightly Ventures
Helene Stafferöd Westerlund, CTO at Instantor 
Annie Thorell, CTO and co-founder of It's Re:Leased
Olga Stern
, founder of Genews & author of 'Ettor och nollors hemliga liv'

The event will be moderated by the CEO and founder of Trice ImagingJohanna Wollert Melin.

Do not forget that one needs to have a ticket for Sweden Demo Day in order to be able to attend any side event including this one!

If you have any questions please reach out to jess@wellstreet.se or to andriana@sup46.com

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Sweden Demo Day

The above will be a side event to Sweden Demo Day!

Sweden Demo Day is the largest and most spectacular un-conference for startups, investors and corporates in the digital realms.

On April 4th we will gather over 3000 entrepreneurs, investors, media and other stakeholders. You will meet 600+ exhibiting startup entrepreneurs presenting themselves with nothing but our signature brown paper pitch.

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Katja Bergman
Co-founder and Partner at Brightly Ventures

Currently General Partner and Co-founder at Brightly Ventures, an early-stage Nordic venture firm based in Stockholm, Katja is passionate about technology and ways to change the world for the better. As a tech entrepreneur and founder turned early-stage investor, she started by building technology-based businesses and selling technology for more than two decades, starting with the first mobile telecom networks at Nokia, and later at Ericsson. She also co-founded and built successful technology companies such as Pipebeach, the creator of SpeechWeb and VoiceXML.

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Annie Thorell
CTO and co-founder of It's Re:Leased

Annie is a frontend engineer and strategist with a passion for usability and design. She's been teaching JavaScript at Hyper Island and TjejerKodar/Technigo, is a previous board member of the Hyper Island program Digital Data Strategist and co-founder of the Techeq initiative. Currently, co-founder and CTO at It's Re:Leased.

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Olga Stern
Founder of Genews & author of 'Ettor och nollors hemliga liv'

Olga Stern is a self-taught software developer that also happened to go to university. Currently, she and Marie Birde are writing a book about programming that will be out in August. Olga started her journey in the startup scene as the founder and CIO of Genews, a tool that helps newsrooms even out the gender bias in their content. Since 2018 she is also the co-founder of Happo.io, a screenshot testing tool. During the past 2 years, she has also been working as the Chief Knacker at Knackeriet, a coworking community in the heart of Stockholm.

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Helene Stafferöd Westerlund
CTO at Instantor

Helene’s passion is scaling up companies and has experience in taking companies through the big leap from small to large. Helene is leading Instantor’s tech team to scale the company by creating cutting-edge machine learning based solutions. She is driving her team to achieve their vision of democratising the financing system and creating digital products that take our customers to the next level in credit risk management.

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Johanna Wollert Melin
Founder and CEO of Trice Imaging Europe

Founder and CEO of Trice Imaging Europe, Trice is a Saas solution for medical imaging launched in 45 countries. Advisory board member of Sting, Almi Green Tech Fund investment committee and board member in family office Helga Invest. Johanna has extensive entrepreneurial, fundraising and leadership experience.

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Harbour Front is proud to sponsor this event!

Harbour Front is an award-winning digital agency fully focused on the mobile platform. We’ve been creating digital web and mobile solutions since 2005, long before the launch of the first smartphone. We have the experience, skills and bandwidth needed to build digital solutions for large enterprise projects, while at the same time offering a lean, fast and innovative approach needed by our startup clients. We combine the best of both worlds and allow startups to benefit from state of the art app development that can withstand growth, and offering large corporates access to disruptive tools and processes to remain at the forefront of digital innovation. 

At Harbour Front, we all work as a team that, together with the customer, creates outstanding products. We want it to be fun to get to work as a matter of course. We live according to the phrase "There is no I in TEAM" because we are together making Harbour Front a wonderful workplace. 

We are actively recruiting for several positions and would really love to hire talented female iOS & Android specialists, full stack developers and project leaders.